What Is Caran d'Ache?

Caran D'ache is a writing instruments manufacturing company based inn Switzerland. It started when Arnold Schwitzer, Caran D’ache’s founder, purchased the Ecridor Pencil Factory in 1915. By 1924, the company’s name was formally changed from Fabrique Genevoise de Crayons into Caran D'ache, which was inspired by the nickname of French political cartoonist Emmanuel Poiré.

The company’s name also means pencil in Russian, which can also be traced to the Turkish word “kara-tash” or black stone. Caran D’ache has always been a family run business ever since it was founded. They firmly believe that their value for family has pushed boundaries when it came to the company’s capabilities.

The Caran D'ache Manufacturing Process

The line “Swiss Made” can now be often seen stamped or incorporated around all kinds of products, may it be food or tools. But with Caran D'ache it is a statement that stands for the commitment to excellence and to upholding the Swiss standard. This is why they confidently promise their clients, stakeholders, and customers that Caran D’ache shall abide by and maintain a high standard throughout the process of manufacturing every single product they have to offer.

Caran D’ache has workshops in Geneva that are fueled by this commitment to excellence. Their Geneva teams—and in all their other workshop centers—are equipped with both experience and expertise as they come from over 90 varying and unique crafts. This diversity and selection of personnel and experts from different crafts have allowed Caran D’ache to house multiple ideas and innovations under a single roof to create products that are able to land them the trust and recognition of customers worldwide.

Having talked about innovation, it is proper to mention that Caran D'ache is a company that prides itself in being at the forefront of discovering new ways and new materials that will help increase the level of experience of their customers. The company ensures this value when they purchase any of Caran D’ache’s products. This initiative for innovation is driven by the company’s creativity and fearless ambition of developing better product ranges that are sure to meet the needs of their customers of all ages and practices.

However, innovation comes at a price. Caran D'ache is knowledgeable of this as they commit to be and stay as a manufacturer who is responsible for its efforts. Thus, Caran D'ache prides itself in being a part of the sustainable movement in manufacturing. Every decision the company makes have both employees and customers at the front and center.

Caran D’ache have implemented many ways to help in protecting the environment. These include ensuring customers that their production and supply systems are all based locally, therefore allowing them to properly develop waste management practices and reduce energy usage at the same time.

Along with their pride in expertise comes with the assurance that the drive for passion will be passed down to future generations. Caran D'ache wants to make sure that their heritage is passed down to the right people who will then continue the tradition and legacy of excellence which Caran D'ache is best known for.


Caran D'ache Products

For the company’s products, Caran D’ache caters to categories and have product ranges for coloring and writing instruments. For the color line, they have colored pencils, graphite pencils, pastels, fibre-tipped pens, and paints. All of these are mere types. That’s not even the good part yet, Caran D’ache’s range for artists and professionals. In their color product line, they offer supreme and high-quality products for artists and professionals, whatever their mastery may be at. Their most versatile and fitting product for any artist is the Luminance 6901.

The Luminance 6901 is a product series of colored pencils that Caran D'ache is proud of. This series, at most, can offer a box of 80 colors that are all made with the best materials. It is highly sought after by masters of drawing coming from almost every creative sector.

Another product series for Caran D’ache’s colored pencil line is the Supracolor Soft Arquelle. This product series boasts of a wide range of water-soluble color leads in 120 finely nuanced shades. At most, a box from this series can offer 120 colors. Although being designed for large, broad works, the soft leads of these colored pencils offer an extremely robust and exemplary lightfastness.

Caran d'Ache SUPRA COLOR II SOFT SETS watercolour/soluble artists colour  pencils

The Musueam Aquarelle is also a collection that perfectly captures the excellence Caran D'ache want to provide consumers. These colored pencils are best used for exhibition, collection, and museum purposes as they boast of the strength and effects in color from a genuine watercolor. At most, the Museum Aquarelle offers 80 colors in a box, all of which can be utilized dry or as watercolors.


Next up is Caran D’ache’s writing product line. Their writing product line offers a wide range of choices for its consumers. This product line offers multiple options for whatever customers’ preference in writing may be. All of their products in the writing line comes with the offer of personalization and customization. This is offered as a means of showing how much Caran D’ache values customers’ opinions and preferences.


Caran D'Ache Museum Aquarelle — The Art Gear Guide


They have the classic and timeless fountain pen that comes in different finish and styles such as matte, mesh or Rhodium-coated, to name a few. They also have a wide selection for Caran D’ache roller pen series that is sure to satisfy whatever need you may have.

Then, they also have the ballpoint pen. A comfortable yet multifunctional model for a pen, which Caran D'ache has added its own flair to, by offering different limited-edition series that will surely be a treat for anyone wanting to buy an exclusive pen. The company is  also proud to say that most of their limited edition ballpoint pens are made from recycled coffee capsules, as part of their mission to be responsible manufacturers.

As for Caran D’ache pencils, they offer the classic graphite pencil with bundled accessories. This serves as a basic starter kit for anyone wanting to give their products a try. They also have a mechanical pencil series that is as highly revered and sought after as their ballpoint pen, fountain pen, and roller pen lines. These mechanical pencils do not sacrifice style for utility, as Caran D’ache made sure that all are capable of being the best compliment to an artist’s already prestigious artwork.

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