Caran d'Ache

Caran D'Ache Color Pencil Set of 76 + 2 Technalo Pencils - Museum Aquarelle

$216.09 $343.20
Museum Aquarelle is not only a water soluble pencil, it is watercolor in pencil form Developed in Caran D'Ache's Geneva workshop in close collaboration with master watercolour artists; their extra-fine quality makes them perfect for both watercolour painting and for artistic drawing. Each pencil is made from premium cedar wood for easy and smooth sharpening, and a hexagonal shape to reduce risk of rolling and falling off any tables or surfaces. They have soft, smooth lead centers with a matt finish for a smooth, flowing delivery of color every time it hits the paper. When dissolved in water, the lead becomes pure watercolour paint due to its high pigment concentration and transparency!

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