Emile Henry

Emile Henry, Charcoal Wood Peel and 14.5 inch Round Pizza Stone Set

This exclusive packaging is the ideal gift for any home pizza lover. It contains a smooth 14. 5" Diameter Emile Henry pizza stone and a beechwood pizza peel. The Emile Henry pizza stone is an innovative refractory ceramic baking sheet. It allows you to make delicious homemade pizzas with golden and crispy paste. You get the same cooking result as in a traditional pizza oven. For best results, preheat the pizza stone in the oven and then slide your pizza into it using the included custom fitted pizza peel for 10-12 minutes. To cook several pizzas in a row, leave the pizza stone in the oven. And with two large handles, The pizza stone is easily brought from oven to table. It will keep the pizza warm for the entire duration of the meal.

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