Emile Henry

Emile Henry France Bakeware 11" Tart Dish, Clay

Pumped: You can make delicious cakes and baked at heart thanks to the elegant and colorful ceramic cake mould from Emile Henry. Manufactured from high quality ceramic, the pan is resistant to temperatures from -20 °C to 270 °C, it is also very good for microwave cooking but also for refrigerator. It is ideal for your favorite tarts or quiches, wavy edge will give a beautiful shape to your paste. Ideal, ceramics and it will keep warm your dish throughout the duration of the meal. For to be compatible with all decorations and table, the pan is available in two colours to choose from: Grand Cru or flint Features: Material: Ceramic Diameter: 26 cm Made in France 10 year guarantee Dishwasher safe

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