Kaweco AL Sport Gel Rollerball Pen - RAW Aluminum

$37.32 $60.00

The Kaweco Sport Rollerball pen is made of solid high-quality raw aluminium featuring high-gloss glittery surface. A metal Kaweco logo decorates the cap giving it an authentic impression. The metal barrel provides smooth ink flow to the nib. It is furnished with hand-polish process. The size, the design, and the build-quality make it a perfect supplement for your work as well as attire.


  • Aluminium raw, high gloss finish
  • The closed version has a length of only 10.5 cm and the open version is 13.5 cm
  • Pen gets its own character and patina due to scratches and chafes
  • High-valued solid ALU parts from CNC production, hand-polished
  • Octagonal Kaweco design

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