Kaweco Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges short, 10 colors, 10 x 6 pieces

$20.03 $45.00

Kaweco offers a selection of 10 beautiful ink colors. Each pack contains 6 standard international short cartridges. The following colors available:

- Caramel Brown;

- Midnight Blue - a classic blue-black ink;

- Ruby Red;

- Royal Blue - moderately saturated blue ink;

- Paradise Blue - bright turquoise ink;

- Summer Purple - nice violet ink;

- Sunrise Orange;

- Palm Green - bright saturated green;

- Smokey Grey - light gray ink;

- Pearl Black - a very saturated black ink.

Kaweco ink cartridges will fit any modern Kaweco fountain pen as well as many other fountain pens designed to work with standard international short cartridges.

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