Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen, Smooth Brass, Fine Nib

$63.10 $100.00

It might be small, but what it has to offer is something that may put you in awe. This miniature Kaweco's fountain pen consists of an international short ink cartridge and a barrel having screw-top setup. Crafted out of smooth brass, this Liliput pen has a vintage finish that establishes this pen as one fine classic collection. Each of the pens is hand-torched giving its design more subtlety. The colour gradients gradually from the top to the bottom. Each pen comes in a beautiful metal box- meticulous and sophisticated.

Note: The metal body of this pen can be corroded by prolonged contact with ink. Be sure to clean off any ink that gets onto its surface, and do not use it as an eyedropper pen.

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