Kaweco Sport Skyline clutch pencil 3.2mm grey

$19.46 $25.00
Featuring Kaweco's signature compact octagonal design, the Sport line has maintained its stylish functionality ever since its creation in 1911. Made in Germany, this lead holder features a high-quality plastic body and a metal Kaweco logo on the push button. It's perfect for writing, sketching, and drawing. Pressing the button opens the metal clutch mechanism, allowing the lead to be extended, retracted, or replaced.
The pencil comes with one 3.2 mm 5B graphite lead.

Note: New lead should be inserted through the tip of the pencil. Do not remove the top push button.

Model Number KAWECO 10000778
Manufacturer Kaweco
Body Color Gray
Body Material Plastic
Built-in Sharpener No
Clippable Yes - Clip Sold Separately
Diameter - Grip 13.8 mm
Diameter - Max 13.8 mm
Eraser Attached No
Grip Color Gray
Grip Material Plastic
Knurled Grip No
Lead Advance Mechanism Drop Clutch
Lead Color Graphite
Lead Grade 5B
Lead Grade Indicator No
Lead Size - Diameter 3.2 mm
Length - Body 10.3 cm / 4.1 inches
Weight - Whole Lead Holder (with Lead) 0.44 oz / 12 grams

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