rOtring 1900183 800+ Mechanical Pencil and Touchscreen Stylus, 0.5 mm, Silver Barrel

$57.59 $94.50
Do it all with the Rotring 800+ mechanical pencil and touchscreen stylus, 0.5 mm, silver barrel. This premium hybrid mechanical pencil and stylus combines both modes at the same end with a
retractable mechanism. Pencil can be retracted when using the stylus without the hassle of turning the tool around. The twist and click function makes this hybrid pocket safe and durable. The soft-tip stylus provides high accuracy, control and speed, making this the suitable tool for going from paper to screens or graphic tablets. Hexagonal barrel and non-slip metal knurled grip ensures fatigue-free writing and drawing. It is shaped to prevent the tool from sliding off tables. Comes with built-in eraser and is refillable with high-polymer HB leads.

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