Rotring S0195831 Tikky 20, Polyvinylchloride Eraser, 22 x 13 x 66 mm

Functionality and technical perfection make rotring drawing instruments symbols for quality and precision. Rotring drawing instruments can be found wherever individuals actively create their own lifestyles. People who understand the power of their thoughts and visions, and express them. This need to create, understand, and express is an integral part of the development of every rotring drawing instrument. Today rotring provides a comprehensive system of products offering the optimum solution for every application within technical drawing and design, for professional drafters, students and private individuals alike. The perfection of technology, ergonomics and design creates a universe that is ideal for drawing, also enhancing the perfect expression of ideas and visions. Rotring rapid erasers are innovative tools working by rolling up graphite and dirt particles in eraser dust.

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