We know storing your jewelry may present you with a problem. You don't want to keep the ones you use often far away, and yet you want to get rid of the cluster of jewelry lying on your dresser. You know it is easy to forget about jewelry out of your sight, so you want to keep them easily accessible. These are some tips to have an effective jewelry storage solution.

Choose A Drawer To Use

The first tip to effectively storing your jewelry is to pick a spacious drawer. You want to pick an easily accessible drawer, preferably one of your dresser's top drawers. This way, you'll be able to keep the cluster of jewelry on your tabletop out of your sight, but easily accessible whenever you decide to use any of them. It's time to clear your tabletop and store those jewelry in the drawer. What if there's no space in your dresser, well you just have to make space. Rearrange the constituents of your dresser, and make room to store those jewelry pieces.

Group Together Similar Jewelry Pieces

That you have numerous jewelry pieces of the same kind does not mean you should discard any of them. What can you do about it then? Well, all you have to do is to group similar jewelry pieces together. Group your earrings together, your necklace together and so on. Then keep each grouping in pieces of trays, dishes, or acrylics. You can then store in the drawer. This way, you'll still have your extensive jewelry network, they'll be easily accessible, and you can keep being a happy jewelry collector.


Get A Velvet Cushion To Hold Your Newer Jewelry Pieces

The feeling of not wanting to keep newer pieces of jewelry out of sight is very understandable. There's this feeling of satisfaction seeing your newer collection of jewelry laid out. So how do you make this happen? Make a velvet cushion available. You can lay out your newer jewelry on this cushion. Apart from holding your jewelry, the velvet also keeps them safe, preventing any piece from getting lost.

Hold Frequently Used Jewelry In A Dish Or Tray

It may prove to be a hassle storing bangles you use everyday in the drawer each day, and then having to fish them out the next day. Instead of going through this hassle everyday, you can just get a dish to hold your frequently used jewelry. A vintage dish that attracts not too much attention should do the job. So when you get home everyday, you can just dump them in the dish, and there they'll be waiting for you to put them on the next day, or whenever.

You can also use crystals as a jewelry storage solution and store your big statement jewelry together. You should also compartmentalize your drawer to get the best jewelry storage.



It may pose a problem trying to store your jewelry. How do you store your jewelry but also keep them easily accessible? This is why we discuss some tips to have an effective jewelry storage solution.

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